Survey 2020

In our last communication the Ashton Hayes Community Hub Committee updated you on progress made with the support of our Parish Council and the engagement with Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC) regarding our request for a Compulsory Purchase Order on The Golden Lion.

Unfortunately not long after that communication was sent, the world was hit with Covid 19 and non essential work ceased across most organisations including CWaC.

Our initial plans have been slowed due to the redeployment of CWaC staff to support the very different challenges Local Authorities have had to deal with and rightly so. These changes have now begun to settle back into a more recognised format and as such we as a committee have been in touch with the Parish Council and CWaC to pick up where we left off. It will probably be a few weeks yet before things return to anything like normal but rest assured we are continuing to work on returning The Golden Lion back to its former glory through a request to register it once again as an Asset of Community Value and ultimately on towards the acquisition via a CPO request to CWaC.

Following all the recent upheaval we need to revisit our business plan and ensure it reflects any changes and impacts the pandemic may have had. These are far from all being negative, as an example, the post Covid recovery plans for communities being supported up and down the country bring fresh opportunities for community projects such as ours.

The committee would also like to understand how recent events may have impacted on our supporters and the wider community’s views on the project as a whole, we believe there is an even greater need for such community facilities but we would like to hear your views, as a result we have produced a survey. Links can be found below, on Facebook and via an email which you should have already received if you are registered with us.

In the meantime, if you have any specific queries you can contact the committee via email at

Survey Link: