Survey 2020 Results

On the 12th of September 2020 The Ashton Hayes Community Hub Committee launched a survey to understand how Covid 19 may have impacted on our supporters and how the community’s views on the Golden Lion project may have changed since our last survey in late 2017.

The survey was closed on 26th October with a total of 295 responses, more than twice the number we received to the survey in 2017. 74% of those received were from residents of Ashton Hayes the rest were from quite a number of different villages in the surrounding area.

The key survey questions and responses are below:

Tenant to run Pub and Business

88% of surveys returned Agreed/ Strongly Agreed that it should be operated by a Tenant rather than by the village directly on a day to day basis, pretty much the same as 2017.

Societies or Club Usage

There was good support for the community pub to be a base from which to operate local clubs and societies. 92% of surveys returned Agreed/Strongly Agreed that the pub should be a focus for local club and society activity, this was nearly double the figure from 2017.

Likely to Buy Shares

At 81% it is clear from the responses that people are still be willing to invest in shares for the funding of the project, this figure compares to 84% in 2017.

Likely to Volunteer

48% of respondents Agreed/Strongly Agreed that they would volunteer their services to help restore the pub against 39% last time.


77% of respondents said they would use the pub on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis with a further 17% indicating that they would visit monthly.

Covid 19

The survey then went on to ask three questions related to Covid 19. We firstly wanted to know what proportion of respondents had isolated during lockdown, the result was quite close with 54% saying they did isolate.

For both groups 69% of respondents said that they don’t go out as much as they did before lockdown with 17% of those who had isolated saying they are not yet ready to mix with groups of people, this compares with 3% of those who did not isolate. When asked if they were more likely to go out to a pub in the village than outside of the village 83% of both groups said they were more likely.

Additional Facilities

As would be expected the High priority focus was on providing a good pub facility with associated pub food and drinks. These were 88% and 87% respectively.

The following additional facilities were classed as a High priority by most respondents:

  • A place to hold social events 51%
  • A place to hold Parish Council Meetings 62%
  • A place that residents could hire for private functions 44%
  • A car park for the shop 48%

The following additional facilities were classed as a Medium priority by most respondents:

  • WiFi Café 40%
  • CWaC mobile clinic 46%
  • A place that businesses could hire for meetings 43%