June Update

The Ashton Hayes Community Hub Committee have been busy despite the inevitable restrictions caused by the pandemic.

When Covid restrictions began to be lifted in July last year we were able to pick up with Cheshire West and Chester Council regarding our request for a Compulsory Purchase Order on the pub but unfortunately another lockdown was put in place before much progress could be made.

However, throughout lockdown the committee continued to produce the necessary documents to request the relisting of The Golden Lion as an Asset of Community Value. This request was approved and the property was relisted as an ACV on the 29th April 2021.

Subsequently the owner has notified the Council that he wishes to sell by auction, this triggers the interim Moratorium which gives the Community 6 weeks to decide whether or not to trigger the Full Moratorium, which can run up to 6 months, this then provides us with the opportunity for meaningful engagement in the sale process. The Community Group will now trigger the Full Moratorium with a view to revalue the premises and put an offer in as part of the auction process.

The owner has also registered their right to appeal the listing of the GL as an ACV, the above two processes will run concurrently.

You may have noticed that sold signs went up at the pub during May but having spoken to the estate agent it was confirmed that the pub had not been sold.

The committee are continuing their work to return The Golden Lion back to its former glory and we will continue to keep you updated with progress as it happens.