2024 Share Issue

Your opportunity to join in and help us save, restore and re-open


We the committee of Ashton Hayes Community Hub Ltd. (AHCHL), a not-for-profit Community Benefit Society (CBS), are delighted to report that, after many years of trying to do so, we have agreed, in principle, to buy The Golden Lion from the current owner.

Helping us to make it possible to buy, restore and re-open The Golden Lion as the Pub and Hub of the local community, which it had been for well over 200 years before closing in early 2013, we are equally delighted to have secured a grant of £360,000 from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities via the UK Community Ownership Fund (COF).

In order to draw down that grant funding from COF, we have to raise our own financial contribution to the project and we hope that, with your support, we will be able to raise this money by offering shares in AHCHL to members of our community. Please see the accompanying Share Prospectus for the details of our proposal.

The terms of the grant from COF require us to make significant and speedy progress with both our fund raising and the restoration. As we cannot start any work on the property until we sign contracts and complete the purchase, we are launching this Share Offer as soon as possible after coming to agreement with the current owner.

At 7pm on Thursday 2nd May at the Church, Ashton Hayes we will hold a Public Meeting to present and answer questions on our Share Offer and the project. We hope you will be able to attend and ultimately support the project so that, together, we can restore and re-open The Golden Lion.

You should receive a copy of the Share Prospectus prior to the meeting but if you wish to view and download a copy of this, as well as the Business Plan and Model Rules, please click here.

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