Share Offer Update – Late April 2018

A huge thank you to all who have returned their share applications so far, as at 17th April 2018 we have received applications for shares from 165 households raising £191,100.

Our initial offer to purchase the Golden Lion has been rejected by the vendor so a revised offer, within previous valuations, has been submitted and the business plan has been updated to account for the revised offer.

We understand that no other offer has been accepted at this time and we continue to plan for the purchase of The Golden Lion. If our offer should be accepted we need to be in a position to be able to demonstrate that we have the funds available, our target for funds from the share issue remains at £250,000.

We are aware that some people may still wish to apply for shares so we will continue to accept applications while we await a further response from the vendor.

For more details of how to apply for shares please visit our share offer pages, where there is also a copy of the business plan and a list of frequently asked questions regarding the share application.

Thank you for your continued support.